The Dixie Dove

January 7, 2014


Once again President Obama moves the ball further down the field toward economic fairness in the American capitalistic system!

We have lost our way since we adopted the policies that revived us after the Great Depression. But we are getting back on track.

Janet Yellen will take us closer to the good economic/taxation system we need to thrive again AND THE LAWS WE NEED TO AVOID PAST CATASTROPHES.



  1. "But we are getting back on track".

    Sure buddy. High unemployment, Obamacare draining what's left of the middle class, the creation of a ruling class and serf class, and more people dependent on government than ever. We're primed for runaway inflation and Obama will deal the final blow with phony "climate" laws for a phony climate hoax.

    Yeah, it's really getting better. I think it's time for you to pull your brain out of the closet and start using it.

    1. That unemployment ruse really cracks me up. They keep saying these unemployment #s are fake because they don't count people who have used their benefits and dropped off the rolls. Right, funny thing is I was yelling about that 30 years ago when the Reagan, Bush and Clinton admin's all tweaked the way unemployment was calculated! That's when the formula was changed, but it's been the same since before W came in. Fact. You're welcome.

  2. Ruse? Then why are democrats screaming to extend long term unemployment benefits?

  3. I'm still waiting for an answer. Why do democrats want to extend long term unemployment benefits?