The Dixie Dove

January 28, 2014

Right Wing Unemployment Ploy

The way the unemployment rate is calculated was most recently changed by the REAGAN and CLINTON administrations so that it no longer reflects those who have dropped out of the job market HOWEVER this point was never mentioned by conservatives until President Obama came into office and now when Fox etc. does mention that fact they don't put it in context and thereby insinuate that this is a new way of calculating the unemployment rate which was begun by the Obama administration but IT WAS NOT. The unemployment rate today is calculated in the exact same fashion it was during the W Bush administration.


  1. Odd how you're more worried about Obama looking bad than the people who can't find work.

    The unemployment rate is horrendous ... and it will only get worse if democrats get their wet dream of amnesty. Illegals over American citizens ... Yay!!!!!!!

    1. Unemployment is coming down and the large # out of work is caused by baby boomers retiring...that's an issue.