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November 27, 2012


Below here is a post on Facebook from Carl Wolfson. Carl was a very successful Liberal radio talk-show host on KPOJ in Portland Oregon, until two days after the election, when Clear Channel gave him the boot. Whut....? But that's not all...CC [Clear Channel] is managing to buy up most of the public airwaves in the USA, but without reflecting 'community' in their broadcasting. The FCC needs to look at this. I live in hyper-Blue Athens GA and I can hear ZERO that is not FAR-RIGHT political non-sense. This is MONOPOLY, this goes against the American principle of Free Speech! We must stand up to this as freedom loving individuals to protect the public square/the public airwaves for truly free speech!
We as a nation MUST start considering this MONOPOLY OF THOUGHT that has been purchased by Clear Channel and Cox Broadcasting and WABC NY. They are truly subjecting America to PROPAGANDA and leaving no room for countering thought. This, even as their views are less popular. IT IS NOT RIGHT.
Message from Carl-
"Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and passion for progressive radio in Portland. And special thanks to Tom Dwyer, Bill Dickey, Tom Barreto and all of our loyal advertisers. KPOJ made money for Clear Channel for many years, and I will put our lineup up against the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Berry any day. More soon."

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