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April 18, 2012

Ted Nugent-A Unique Kind of Coward.

Cowards come in many forms, men and women, of all races and places, but Ted Nugent is a unique kind of coward in American culture. We can all be cowered into submission, for a while, if the ruthlessness of our surroundings get the upper hand.

But Ted is a 'special coward'. He calls loudly and proudly for violence in the face of (what he calls) Evil, but he never shows up. He does kill a lot of wild animals, but that's easier than PAC-man and it's sanctioned by the government anyway. Ted Nugent is not 'Down for the Revolution' and neither are the Big-Mouthed 'talk-bombers' on AM RightWing radio. They are Awesome Cowards too.

But what makes Ted 'special' and unique, is that he sells it like a made for TV movie. He pretends to live it. His followers think he is their 'Che Guevara' living in the foothills of some fantasy image of America. Nugent stands on stage and pretends to 'do in' his enemies with a machine you get his message...?

Ted Nugent may be right about one thing though. He did say, " this time next year I'll be dead or in jail."

I'll take odds on 'jail'.

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