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April 16, 2012

The Great Corporate Media Conspiracy!

Where is the simple truth presented on tv or radio about how we ended the previous Great Depression? There is not even one half hour bio-piece about the tax rates and building projects we employed to end the last Great Depression. BUT MSNBC AND FOX AND CNN COMPARE THIS CRISIS TO THE GREAT DEPRESSION ALL THE TIME!

Society creates wealth by designing its self wisely. Democracy helps with that by opening the door to new ideas through elections.

Hard to stop.

We're going through a lot of changes presently. A president who many conservatives find scary, but at the same time is a regular guy with good ideas.

Hard to stop.

Peace and Mercy are Hard to Stop, Integrity is Hard to Stop, Democracy is Hard to stop.

With a media that would do stories about our Great Depression and the one before, showing us how we fixed this problem previously we would be Hard to Stop, but presently WE AIN'T GOT!

Why not one story about tax rates then and now? We have not one half hour documentary about HOW WE GOT OUT OF THE LAST GREAT DEPRESSION on MSNBC, FOX, OR CNN!

This is the Great Corporate Media Conspiracy! AND IT'S HARD TO STOP!

All corporate media agrees, they don't want to talk about the higher tax rates on the rich and the massive building projects we did from 1940 to 1980. They're selfishly afraid of it!


Between 1940-80 the wealthiest Americans paid between 70% to 90% federal income tax and that's what allowed us to build the American Dream. How else could we afford it? Between 1940-80 we fought and paid for WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, we built our US Interstate Expressway system, Roads, Electrical Grid, Telephone, our main Bridges and Tunnels; we Made every Car we Drove and we wore just the Clothes we Sewed and WE WENT TO THE MOON SIX TIMES-AND WE PAID FOR IT ALL! Here's the link. Go to section 21.5 and Get out ye encyclopedias... TRUTH:

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