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April 6, 2017

Trump Supported Assad Chemical Attacks As A Candidate

Assad has been killing innocent Syrians, using conventional and Chemical Weapons for years now.

President Obama has been leading an effort to oust Assad for years, until he left his office to 'President' Trump.

During the entire 2016 campaign Trump slammed Obama for going after Assad, claiming, essentially that 'It's an ugly world and in the volatile Middle East Assad represents stability and we should leave him alone' and BTW Trump said Assad (and his pal Putin) were better leaders than President Obama. Trump used this 'philosophy' to hammer candidate Hillary Clinton for her support of Obama policies.

Horrific as the latest news from Syria is, sadly, it was like that during the 2016 campaign too.

BUT! Now 'President' Trump is in deep shit at home because he has failed at every legislative initiative he has supported and he is closer to being impeached for Treason over the Russia scandal than he is to building a Wall or ending Obama-Care.

SO? He reverses himself on the Assad/Syria issue and uses the latest (all too common) tragedy in the Syrian civil war as an excuse to start dropping bombs-and (true to form) the ratings starved cable news outlets (CNN especially) JUMP on the WAR STORY and forget the rest of Trump's past statements.

When CNN calls the White House now, they don't ask about Trump's past statements on Syria, or Treason and Russia, they ask for camera footage from our Cruise Missiles attacking.

CNN IS SHOWING WAR PORN While other networks (including Fox) are showing war victims and analysis CNN is showing an endless reel of missiles taking off of ships in a ball of fire! It's like coverage of the 4th of July. No blood, no pain, just MISSILES LAUNCHING!

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