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August 19, 2016

Trump Dumps Russian Spy Manafort

According to sources close to the Trump campaign the Donald is furious with and frightened of Paul Manafort, but not for the obvious reason. Trump knew Manafort was close to Vladimir Putin, but when he found out Manafort was paid 12 million dollars as a Russian spy sent to alter the American election, sources say, Trump was hurt. However, a long conversation between Trump, Putin and Manafort eased Trump's mind as Putin convinced him that Russia was trying to help him get elected. Putin reportedly told Trump that he was "scared shitless"of Hillary Clinton.
 Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump have sex with Putin.
As it turns out Manafort and Putin wanted more from Trump than just to see him win the election, Putin wanted Trump's daughter Ivanka to be his mistress! Apparently Putin got his wish by luring Ivanka to Croatia to visit Putin's current girlfriend, Wendi Deng Murdoch, ex-wife of Fox News president Rupert Murdoch.

When Trump learned that Manafort had arranged for his daughter Ivanka to have a 'menage a trois' in Croatia with Putin and Deng Murdoch, he, Trump reportedly told Manafort "You're Fired".

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BREAKING NEWS: Paul Manafort says he is "not a spy and Trump has a thousand dollars an hour Cocaine Habit".

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