The Dixie Dove

June 23, 2015

No One is White, No One is Black, We are all People of Color

I am not White, no one is white, look at a piece of white paper! I am of (mostly) European descent and I am very colored compared to white paper. I call myself, by race, as a Caucasian. Even the darkest of complexion of people of African descent are nowhere near the 'jet' black of printer's ink. And God knows that none of us, European, African, Asian, Native American are pure or evil and that gets to my point.

I'm really tired of the black-white thing as it relates so directly to 'good and bad'. That is not right and not fair and inaccurate, fact.

So I as a person of color call myself Caucasian. All of y'all can pick whatever names you want for yourselves.

But let's stay away from black and white thing. Nothing is, not people or laws, only in our hearts do we know good from bad.

God bless.

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