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April 30, 2015

The USA Can Change

When the United States of America was founded we were the most democratic nation in the history of the world. Change.
When we ended slavery we were the first major power on earth to do so. Change.
When the USA gave voting rights to all races and sexes, we were first. Change.
The USA has had ups and downs but has always led the way.
After our tragedy of aggression in the Iraq War we elected the first president of a world power of African decent. And this president ran on one issue, CHANGE.
And the USA has changed.
And we will continue to do so and we will continue to better ourselves and better the world through change.

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  1. Actually Great Britain was the first country to outlaw slavery ... the US was second.

    Portugal, the country that started and ran the Atlantic Slave Trade outlawed slavery in Portugal ... but not in it's colony in South America.

    You did forgot one huge item:

    The US was founded as a Republic, not a democracy, and as the freest nation ever to have existed. You're right, we have changed under Obama. We are no longer the freest country on earth.

    In simple terms, the larger the government, the less free it's people. And as the left never stops, we will continue to in the Tytler Cycle until we are once again enslaved and begin the fight to restore liberty.

    Spiritual Faith
    Then starting over with Bondage

    We are currently between apathy and dependence ... soon to be fully immersed in dependence then into bondage.