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November 19, 2014

Tiger Woods, Dan Jenkins, Golf Digest

Jenkins didn't parody or 'make fun' of Tiger, he simply and directly called him, in essence, a 'cheap, mean, stupid, selfish jerk'. If that is Jenkins opinion of Tiger and he wants to tell the world that, then he should have just written an essay explaining how and why he feels the way he does about Tiger. 
Of course NOBODY would have printed that.
But Jenkins and Golf Digest are weasels and cowards to pretend this is a spoof and not an attack. What an unbelievably personally biased and hateful jerk Jenkins is. Did you read the part where he actually tried to explain away Tigers early career success by showing that the competition Tiger faced was clearly inferior to what great golfers of the past faced? What cruel nostalgic hogwash! 
Dan Jenkins and Golf Digest will be long forgotten while Tiger Woods legacy will still endure and grow in stature.

Chip Shirley

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