The Dixie Dove

November 14, 2013

Whoa Lefties! Focus on 2014!

 Jesus! Right on schedule (on the cusp of the mid-terms) President Obama's Harvard Law professor is talking naive trash about the President not living up to FDR!

If you want President Obama to be FDR then get him the House and Senate majorities FDR had! Stop repeating the same self defeating lines we fell for before the 2010 mid-terms!

In 1936 FDR had 76 Democratic Senators and a 334 to 88 seat Democratic advantage in the House! The Liberal hero presidents we all so admire, like JFK, LBJ and FDR all had significantly larger congressional majorities when they passed their landmark pieces of legislation than President Obama.
In 1965 when Medicare was passed LBJ had a 68 seat to 32 seat majority in the Senate and a 295 to 140 majority in the House! Compare that to President Obama's 60 seats in the Senate when he took office, with seat number 60 being Joe Lieberman who became the president's biggest enemy because of his hawkishness on Israel. Then we lost even that by engaging in the same uninformed petty carping that we're doing now!

SO stop flappin' and start flying! WIN AGAIN IN 2014!


  1. I don't know why you include JFK. Kennedy was actually the last of the true American democrats. He believed in liberty and was virulently anti-communist. He was pro-business as well. You communist thugs would call him a "tea bagger" today.

    FDR was a shade light of being a communist himself. His second bill of rights looks like it was taken directly from the Soviet Union Constitution. He was another thug who rammed his programs down America's throat to start getting them hooked on government dependency. Obama is more of the same. Ramming his bullshit down our throats, creating massive unemployment and record people dependent on government. Soon this nation will be a shadow of it's former self. A nation composed of an ultra-rich, corrupt ruling class and us ... the poor fuckers begging big daddy government for a little more cheese and pleading for the death panel to allow grandma to have that heart surgery.

    Once they ram single payer down our throats they'll work on nationalizing industries using the same "social justice" bullshit communist rhetoric.

  2. Interesting article. It failed to mention the professors name. Is there any way you might get it? I would like to contact him for a story. Thank you.

  3. Democrat Anon2 here
    LOL! JFK would be no "tea bagger", that's for sure!

  4. Moderate Repub Anon here. Totally agree Democrat Anon 2!