Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

November 5, 2013


I had a nice Policeman visit me the other night
He gave me a nice summons from AT&T! YAY!
As our court date approaches I will give you more details, but I have these bastards by the balls on this one!
This is lose lose for AT&T! And whether I win or I lose the case I WIN IN THE END!
Because, when the nation hears about the ATT 'rate trap' button for international calling they will be appalled. My rate for a 90 minute call went from 10 cents a minute to $4.00 a minute because AT&T representatives gave me misinformation on two occasions prior to my call about pricing. This took my cost from $9.00 to $360.00!
So Mr. AT&T took me and my credit rating to the cleaners AND NOW we will go to court together and tell the world about their $4.00 a minute rate trap.
[Some of this info' has been updated 11-7-13 Chip]


  1. What country were you calling?

  2. According to the AT&T website ...

    Rates for Italy are $1.49 for landline and $1.66 for wireless ... per minute.

    However, additional information is provided:

    "Many telecommunications companies outside the United States impose additional fees to complete telephone calls to wireless devices, including mobile phones, pagers, personal computers, and personal digital assistants. These additional costs are included in the AT&T international long distance rates to a wireless device, and also apply to ranges of telephone numbers for special services as designated by the foreign telephone administration (e.g., Premium Rated Services); such special services may or may not be wireless. This information may change from time to time. Be sure to check codes and rates periodically for current information.

    If a customer calls an overseas landline number and the call is forwarded to a mobile number where the additional charge applies, the customer will be billed the mobile rate".

    If you were using, or connected to a mobile device it's likely another company charged you, not AT&T.

  3. guess you should have just bought a calling card, huh?

    1. Thanks, but it was ATT who charged me and ATT who is taking me to court and ATT that I called twice for rate info which they said they could not offer me. And after ATT billed me I called them and they had all the info I had asked for. They said that for $5 for their Intl. plan I could have made the calls for 10 cents a minute and paid $14 for both calls and the plan and that I could cancel the plan after one month. Instead I payed $4.00 a minute. Their rep' even said 'I didn't know we had rates that high'.

    2. You screwed yourself. You made the decision to make the call not knowing what the charges were. It's that simple. They probably couldn't tell you the rate because of third party charges and other fees that were unknown at the time like the previous poster said. Stop your whining and take responsibility for your own actions. Sounds more like you were fishing for something to bitch about if you spent that much time on the phone with them. Like I said you should have just bought a calling card when they first said they couldn't tell you the cost.