Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

October 17, 2013

Hastert Rule Broken

This is the second time Speaker Boehner has broken the 'Hastert Rule' which says that a Republican speaker will not allow a vote on legislation if it doesn't have majority Republican support in the House. In January Boehner allowed a vote on the fiscal cliff which passed with a similar one third Republican support to last night's debt ceiling vote.

Since Reagan was elected in 1980 America has drifted steadily to the right, to the point that zealots have come to control their party. Since President Obama was elected the gigantic ocean liner 'America' has been turning Left.

And thank God, America is getting back on the right track-Left.



  1. 1. The population is still right. The government is far left, imposing it's statist ideology down the throats of an unwilling public.

    2. Please explain what you consider to be "zealots". I'm guessing if all the founding fathers were alive today you'd want them hanged in the public square as dangerous "zealots".

    3. Left = less freedom and economic liberty. At the end of the left spectrum is Communist China, the USSR and Nazi Germany. We are currently in-between center and far left and moving further left everyday.

    4. Can you comprehend at all what I'm saying? Can you comprehend what you support? If support any version of Marxism at least be honest and say so. Then I'll know at least where you stand.

    5. Stop thanking God because the left hates God.

  2. I love God and God loves me. F A C T

    Today's left is nowhere near the communist end of the spectrum you describe, but today's far right is talking just like the far Right end of the spectrum which is Monarchy and Corporate Rule. All the righties say 'end the government' stop taxes and 'let the market rule'. They worship corporations. They want to live without government, before civilization, they are 'would-be' monarchs, but if they did get their way they'd end up 'hunting and gathering'.

  3. Monarchy is also left. At the end of the right spectrum is anarchy. When the United States was founded we were between center and far right. The founders gave us the most freedom possible by leaving governing at local and state levels and severely restricting the power of the federal government.

    The right does not say end government or stop taxes. Government and taxes are necessary evils. What we want is our freedom back We want a smaller less powerful government, we want personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility. Today we have none of those things.

    The founders asked a simple question ... can people rule themselves? They decided yes and convinced the states that the federal government would be restricted in it's power. None of the states would sign onto the Constitution without the wording you see today. In addition, members also demanded a Bill of Rights which outlined what government could not do. Remember, it was the states that formed the federal government, not the other way around. For many years people did not consider themselves "Americans" per se but citizens of their state. You weren't from America, you were a citizen of Kentucky, or Virginia, or Ohio.

    Today the federal government wields it's club over the states demanding they conform to it. The founders would be shocked and saddened, and angry.

    Taxes are personal property. Only enough should be taken to run the functions of the state and federal government. Prior to entitlements, people looked after each other and successful people donated huge amounts of money to charities and other causes. The first universities were founded by religious organizations and successful people. Charity hospitals for the needy were built by successful people. If one needs help one should always turn to family church and charity, not the government. There are of course people who have no one, especially elderly or who have debilitating injuries or illnesses. We should take care of those people, and have.

    On the free market ... we really don't have one anymore. The economy is regulated and controlled by government. In a true free market the consumer has the power. In a government controlled market the big businesses do because corrupt government will ensure regulations are written to favor the big businesses, which in turn donate heavily to the corrupt government. Understand that while we need some health and safety standards and monetary policies, it is regulation that creates corruption. One cannot be corrupted unless they have power over someone or something. When you give government the power to control business corruption always follows.

    That's what killed the Native Americans. Thomas Jefferson and others wanted Native Americans to have their land and share what they wanted. Big business, namely railroad, colluded with corrupt government to use American military force to drive Native Americans off their land. Had government had no power to grant such a request we might see a different United States.

    Lastly, the founding of this country is based on liberty. Liberty and freedom no country before or after has had. It was up to us to keep it free but we have slowly let it slip away by listening to corrupt politicians promising us the world if we would only give them just a little more power and a little more of our money. Obama was not kidding when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. Democrats despise the Constitution and Bill of Rights because it limits what they want to do.

    Oh ... I'm sure you do love God and He loves you. However, left oriented governments have always either been secular on the mild side, to outright banning God. The left does not like God, hence their efforts since the 1920's to get God out of the public square and schools.

    1. Where does Martin Luther King Jr. fall in to your 'left does not like God' idea?

    2. You must live under a rock. I kinda feel sorry for you because when that light bulb finally goes off in your head you will be shocked, ashamed and outraged all at the same time.

      Good luck

  4. Understand this about corporations. First, they're used as a "boogey man" by democrats so they can pass more regulation and taxes. Secondly, corporations can't fine you, jail you or take your property. Only the government can do that.

    1. The 'Corporatocracy' can and do (through monopolies) give us only singular options for access to information on the public airwaves, internet, TV and phone... and without regulations, raise prices and falsely bill citizens for service and thereby destroy our credit ratings.
      I was falsely billed for 4 hundred dollars by ATT. Though I can afford to pay the bill, I refuse to pay that bill on moral grounds and because the FCC is neutered and doesn't have the funds to investigate I now don't qualify for a credit card!

    2. OK, I can see you clearly you have absolutely no clue and don't know what you're talking about.

      I try to explain things to you but you must be able to think critically and objectively, something you're obviously incapable of. You been abused and propagandized for decades so I guess I shouldn't expect you to think at all ... merely repeat what the democrats and media want you to know.

      You are what the Soviet Union used to call a "useful idiot".

      Anyway, no worries. One day you'll understand. With the left in charge things always get worse. Sure they'll keep blaming everything on "evil corporations" and the GOP but it will reach a point where even useful idiots begin to see the light.

  5. Democrat Anon2. Excellent post Dixie Dove! :)