The Dixie Dove

October 30, 2013

ACA is the Only Way!

The USA is the only country on earth that lets people get millions of dollars worth of health care and not pay anything for it. The ACA is all about stopping freeloaders and forcing them to pay into the HC system. US HC costs have skyrocketed for decades and are the highest in the world for equal treatments.

ACA is the beginning of fixing this massive problem and the Right Wing Corporate Media Monopoly has been lying to you.


  1. Are you interested in the truth at all?

    It appears you simply ignore it and revel in your lies and propaganda.

    Answer this: If as you say Obamacare is all about making "freeloaders" pay why does Obamacare cost so much? Why did the government force people who were already buying insurance into exchanges by canceling their insurance and why does it now cost so much?


    2. Are you incapable of answering questions? Just let me know so I can spread the word. No need for people to come here if you're just an idiot who posts random bullshit.

      Hey, do you even know what a deficit is?

      Here's some facts. Maybe they'll make you burst into flames.

      Bush's largest deficit: 412 billion

      Obama's largest deficit: 1.4 trillion. That's almost four times as much.

      Obama's lowest deficit: 680 billion (supposedly), because the federal government is spending 3.8 trillion but only took in 2.7 trillion in taxes.

      But since you don't know what the deficit is I guess you'll just stare at the numbers and blame Bush or something, or maybe you'll go beat your head against a wall and cry for Obama or go out and attack an "evil rich person".

      Or ... you could type "federal deficit" in Bing or Google and hit enter. Can you do that?

    3. I give you official government data and you quote talking points from phony radio hosts.

  2. 1. You still haven't answered my questions.

    2. Rachel Maddow is "official government data"?

    3. I gave you "official government data". Simply go to

    and access any budget. Each lists tax receipts, spending and deficit under summary tables.

    Next time know what you're talking about before you accuse me of lying.

    When will you begin to accept the truth?

  3. Wow Dove - this whoever posted those posts questioning your 'freeloader theory' is working you over pretty bad. He is right you know- Rachel Maddow is not an official source of anything other that stupidity. And you can't answer his questions. Here is the thing- I was FORCED a couple weeks ago out of the health insurance plan I had for many years. No it was greedy insurance companies. I have major chronic medical conditions from a brain tumor I had in my youth. I had a 'Cadillac plan' which now does not exist due to draconian ACA taxes and regulations. The new plan I was FORCED into is somehow actually more expensive... now is that greed or the FACT that my insurance company can no longer have lifetime caps. Without them the insurance company's potential liability is INFINITY. I have a degree in Finance. The lifetime cap ban WILL make every one's premiums skyrocket forever. Period. Fact. Not Right wing media. FACT! Also, I had the same wonderful doctor for 25 years who save my life more than once. The new plan I was forced in by ACA does not have my doctor in network. So now I will be paying cash, a lot of it, to see him. So you listen to me Dove or Chip or whoever you are- liberals, progressives, democrats or whatever you call yourselves are now hurting people's families bad. Ms. Maddow and MSNBC will never tell you that TRUTH. You need to think for yourself instead of parroting MSNBC.