Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

June 18, 2014

We Got Benghazi Guy!

Now shut up you RightWits!
U.S. operatives captured a senior suspect in the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, in a nighttime raid on Libyan soil that set the stage for a high-profile trial of an alleged terrorist in U.S. civilian court.
The suspect, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, is being interrogated outside the U.S. by a special group of intelligence investigators, said U.S. officials familiar with the case. Mr. Khatallah is the most prominent of those wanted in the attack on two U.S. compounds, in which four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed.
The attack prompted sharp criticism of the Obama administration by Republican lawmakers, in part for the lack of action against suspects in the Sept. 11, 2012, incident.
Mr. Khatallah was captured Sunday night in a stealthy raid on the outskirts of Benghazi, in which no shots were fired and no U.S. personnel were injured, U.S. officials said. President Barack Obama authorized the raid and the U.S. didn't give the Libyan government any advance notice, officials said.
Mr. Khatallah was captured at a time and place where the operation wasn't observed, so many in his inner circle weren't aware he was missing, said a U.S. official.
U.S. intelligence officials had been closely tracking his movements as he frequently moved between residences in the Benghazi area and decided to swoop in and grab him when he was isolated at one of them, said an official. He wasn't captured at his own home, officials said.
U.S. officials say Ahmed Abu Khatallah led a branch of an Islamist militia. This photograph, from Facebook, has been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal to be Mr. Khatallah.


  1. Why don't you shut up you brainless moron. The US is being destroyed and all you do is chirp like a little liberal parrot.

    I'm so sick of you gutless fools that let the media and the left lead you around by the nose.

    When this country falls it'll be because of people like you. I hope to hell you're prepared for the coming conflicts. They're flooding Europe with Muslims and the US with it seems, the entirety of Central and South America.

    1. The USA is doing great and you know it. You also know that you and Bush and Cheney fucked this country inside out!

    2. Doing great?

      Tell that to the people who don't have a job. Tell that to the people about to lose their jobs to illegals. Tell that to the blacks who democrats shit on only to use them come election time then forget all about them again. Tell that to the record number of people on welfare and disability. Tell that to the people that can't keep up with the price of goods and food. Tell that to the people who have skyrocketing electric bills, and skyrocketing insurance and deductibles.

      Tell that to anyone who dares disagree with this administration publically and have felt the force of government on their necks.

      You're a fucking stooge. You're either blind or down with the destruction of the US.

      You know typically, people who are fooled by liberal propaganda aren't very bright, and hate people who have worked hard and done better than them. They think it's cool if the government uses force to take from those people to give to you.

      Why the fuck are you worth it? What the fuck do you produce? What do you contribute or are you just another taker who's fine with the left killing America as long as you get free shit?

      Make no mistake, if our path isn't altered quickly there will be no more America. It will be a shit hole rampant with crime and separated into the extremely rich and powerful and the slaves who do their bidding ... us. You will have no liberty. You will do what the government tells you to do.

      Get this through your head. The left is all about more control and more and more government. They never stop. Every tyranny of the last century and this one is left. Not one battle or war has ever been started by a right government against it's own people.