The Dixie Dove

November 8, 2013

Peace With Iran?

Thank God it appears so. The deal in the making would be the best news for Peace, in the Middle East and worldwide, in quite some time.

Sorry Mr. Netanyahu and Likud Party, sorry 'End Times' fundamentalist Christians, you may not get to have your beloved Armageddon after all. But don't feel bad, because there was no chance that any of you were going to get 'Raptured Up' to heaven anyway!


  1. Do you understand the driving forces in the conflicts in the Middle East? Iran wants war. To them it's their mission to fulfill their prophesy. Most of the Middle Eastern countries are terrified of Iran. Most work covertly with Israel to ensure Iran will not get nuclear weapons. Since Obama took office it looks less and less likely that Obama has any intention of stopping Iranian nuclear ambition. Saudi Arabia just said they will start acquiring nukes from Pakistan ... simply because they fear Iran. They don't fear Israel, they've had nukes for decades.

    There won't be peace if we give into Iran. It will have the opposite effect. Chances are good Obama will be remembered for unleashing nuclear hell in the Middle East.

    Obama had the chance to back a revolution in Iran early in his presidency. A successful outing of the Ayatollahs is the best way to attain peace. Obama strangely declined to support the people against the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad.

    1. Nuclear weapons need WAY more enriched fuel than reactors. If Iran is open to inspections, it should be easier to keep an eye on their enrichment.