The Dixie Dove

November 10, 2013


AT&T is taking me to court over a bill I have disputed since Spring of 2012. AT&T was grossly negligent in not providing me with billing information I requested (in two calls to AT&T) prior to making two calls to Italy. The result is I was charged $360.00 for the calls (totaling 90 minutes) instead of the $14 the calls would have cost if AT&T rep's had given me correct information about their rates per-minute and their International Plan. Since then the charges have increased to $450.19 with late fees and penalties.
When I was billed for the calls I was shocked at the charges and asked to speak to a billing agent about the case, I was instantly given all of the info' I had previously requested.
That agent said he 'Didn't realize AT&T had rates as high as $4 per minute' and suggested I sign up for their Int' Plan in retro' and  then ask for billing to recalculate my charges and he assured me 'these things happen, we will fix it'. I did what he said and AT&T refused to adjust my charge.

This is Usury and Gross Negligence on the part of AT&T. My court date has not been set, but I am certain that I will win the case and not be held accountable for these unfair charges. After that, I will be taking AT&T to court for damages as they have cost me dozens of hours of time in dealing with this and damaged my credit rating.


  1. Should have bought a calling card.

    1. If someone robs you or damages your car through irresponsible negligence you don't say 'I should have stayed home and avoided that'. Sure there are lots of good options, but that doesn't justify this rate-trap. THE CHEAPEST way for me to have made the calls would be for AT&T to have ANSWERED MY QUESTION and I would have gotten the International Plan and paid 10 cents a minute.

    2. You made the calls without knowing what the charges were. That was your decision. It wasn't something you had no control over like being robbed or someone damaging your property. The only thing ATT is guilty of is bad customer service. You knew the charges could be high, that was the whole reason you called them in the first place. Would you buy a plane ticket, a car, or even dinner without knowing the price. I hope not. So why would you make 90 minutes worth of international calls when you didn't know the cost, KNOWING it could be expensive. You are just as much guilty of irresponsible negligence as you claim they are by putting yourself in their hands when they wouldn't give you the cost. You should have looked for other options when they didn't give you the information. Case closed. Sorry buddy, you let them screw you. This is the problem with people today. You made a stupid decision, but you can't take responsibility for it. I find it real hard to feel sympathy for people like you.

    3. And, customer service so bad that it leads hundreds of dollars in unnecessary charges represents Gross Negligence.

    4. USURY - the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.

      You didn't borrow money from them, and they didn't charge you interest. You were charged for a service you used out of your own free will.It's YOUR bad decision that led to the hundreds of dollars in charges. Get a calling calling card, skype, prepaid phone. So many other options.