The Dixie Dove

November 3, 2013




  1. Buddy - judging by the content on your wildly entertaining page, I think lots of people are coming after you... AT&T, crazy republicans, right-wingers, Reagan, the easter bunny. You need help man. Don't listen to the voices. Go get help asap!

  2. Chip Shirley - these other people are right and you are delusional. I am not a right winger. I don't watch Fox and I don't listen to talk radio. I get most my news from MSNBC. I liked Obama. But I was informed recently by my insurance company that my plan is cancelled as of Dec. 31 this year and I must go into a new plan now. THIS IS BECAUSE OF ACA!!! I have called them and talked to them for hours and fought and fought but to no avail. I am very hurt. I supported this Obama. Now I feel stupid and it is hurting me and my family. I didn't have a crap plan. But even if I did- Obama said over and over that if I liked it I could keep it! Well I liked it!!! and I want to keep it! But I can't! My old plan had a monthly premium of $185 and a deductible of $5000. The plan I am being forced into has a monthly premium of $265 and a deductible of $7500. And as far as I can tell no better coverage in any way. Multiple representatives from my insurance company have told me that this is directly because of ACA. Why? Well I guess they have to charge me more for a higher premium policy cause they they now have to treat everyone with pre-existing conditions, and keep kids on plans until they are 26, and a bunch of other ACA mandated changes. So Obama told me I could keep my plan. I can't. Then he said well if you can't keep your plan its cause your plan sucked. Well I liked my sucky plan Shirley!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it!!!!!!! I was an Obama supported. Key word is WAS. Wake up man. I did. It was painful. But I had to admit I was wrong on ACA and Obama lied to me.

  3. My premiums on my BCBS plan stayed the same this year from last year for the first time in twelve years. I've had the same policy for 12 years and until now the premiums had been skyrocketing every year, some years they almost doubled!. I've had three promotions over the years and my salary has increased 50% since I started with my present company, but my health care plan has eaten up all of my raises, until this year. That's the facts.
    As for my ATT issue. I had a nice policeman come to my house last night and give me their summons. I am putting together my case and when I present it I bet that we might finally find something to agree on.