The Dixie Dove

October 29, 2013

NO One Loses Their Plan Under ACA

This is another TOTAL RIGHT-WING LIE that Fox News Brain-Dead Bimbos (male and female) are flooding our media with!

Nobody with a real Health Insurance plan is going to be forced to change!

The one little fleck of truth is, that for some people, who had ONLY catastrophic policies with giant deductibles, in that case they will be subsidized to buy a real health care plan! ACA ObamaCare gets people out of the emergency room and into a doctor's office and forces freeloaders to pay their way if they can afford it.

God what lying idiots the right-wing media are!


  1. The entire thought process behind what motivated you to post this is beyond stupid.

    Did Fox new promise that people wouldn't lose their health insurance? No the fucking President did you dope -- the person who pushed this legislation down our throats!

    SMH at the DELUSION.

    1. I too marvel at the idiocy and complete willingness to ignore the truth and lick up propaganda from this chip shirley moron.

  2. Really?............People having their individual policies cancelled and forced into different, more expensive, plans is just the insurance companies helping them transition from their crappy plans? Please.
    Let me ask you this. In the last three years where have you been with respect to informing and assisting people for this coming "transition"? I don't ever recall any democrat saying, "if you like your doctor and policy don't change a thing or you may lose the grandfathered status of your insurance policy.
    I think the thing that makes me the maddest is that people like me, an individual policy holder, are actually a group of very responsible citizen. We are artist, musicians, scientist, and writer. We don't belong to nice tidy groups of employees who rely on their employer to take care of their health care and write the check every month. Individual policy holders write the check themselves. Individual policy holders are also not the uninsured who choose to be uninsured. Individual policy holder are people who write the check ever month because they understand its they, not the government or their employers, they have a responsibility to themselves and their families, to take care of what needs to be done. We are the same people who borrow what we can afford and pay it back on time.
    So do us all a favor the next time you think you want to weight in when it would appear your side has rightly had its head handed to it………..just keep your mouth shut instead of letting indefensible dribble come out.

  3. The USA is the only country on earth that lets people get millions of dollars worth of care and not pay anything for it, if they are broke. The ACA is all about stopping freeloaders and forcing them to pay into the HC system. US HC costs have skyrocketed for decades and are the highest in the world for equal treatments.

    ACA is the beginning of fixing this massive problem and Rush Limbaugh has been lying to you.

  4. Hey moron ... exactly what do you think subsidies are? The same people that get healthcare for free will continue to get it for free the taxpayer will now be buying their insurance.

    Do you like believing lies? Because you seem to ignore the truth, even when it's staring you in the face.

  5. No, this bill forces people with money who are trying to skirt the system, to pay in.....

    PS-Bush left office with the stock market at 6000, having dropped by half in one year and unemployment racing passed 9% and saying he didn't think much about Bin Laden anymore and he was sending out emergency $700 checks to all Americans because we were entering another Great Depression. Obama fixed all that and he is the best president since FDR. He will do the Immigration Reform W wanted but failed at too.

  6. Obama fixed what?

    We still have over 7% unemployment, and the rate is actually much higher because many people have simply stopped looking for work and are now dependent on taxpayer money. We have more people on welfare, food stamps and disability than ever before, Obama has nearly doubled the national debt in five years, blacks have the highest unemployement and lowest net worth. Everything is declining under Obama and you want me to believe your rainbow and flowers bullshit?

    FDR was just another progressive, like Obama. He nearly destroyed America with his progressive bullshit.

    If you want to see how to get out of a depression look up the depression of 1919. The government cut spending by half, cut taxes and got the hell out of the way. The result? Within a year the economy exploded producing the Roaring Twenties. Liberals try to hide it because it makes FDR look so bad.

    With high unemployment you want to grant amnesty to millions of illegals? I take it you'd rather them work than give jobs to Americans.

    Look chump, there are two kinds of liberals. One is the rich, elite liberal who looks down on the rest of us, including you. The second is the little selfish bastard that wants to stick to to successful people for working hard and have the government steal their money and give it to them. That's you. When the rich, elite liberals get enough power they will crap all over you. They don't care that you kissed their asses for years ... you're simply being used to get them what they want: money and power.

    You know why they want millions of illegals here?

    "All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment — professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists — and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic".

    Democrats are using them for votes because they can't get enough white people to vote for them. In other words they will screw the white middle class to get and keep power.

    Wake the hell up. It's people like you that are helping democrats destroy this nation.

  7. Chip Shirley - these other people are right and you are delusional. I am not a right winger. I don't watch Fox and I don't listen to talk radio. I get most my news from MSNBC. I liked Obama. But I was informed recently by my insurance company that my plan is cancelled as of Dec. 31 this year and I must go into a new plan now. THIS IS BECAUSE OF ACA!!! I have called them and talked to them for hours and fought and fought but to no avail. I am very hurt. I supported this Obama. Now I feel stupid and it is hurting me and my family. I didn't have a crap plan. But even if I did- Obama said over and over that if I liked it I could keep it! Well I liked it!!! and I want to keep it! But I can't! My old plan had a monthly premium of $185 and a deductible of $5000. The plan I am being forced into has a monthly premium of $265 and a deductible of $7500. And as far as I can tell no better coverage in any way. Multiple representatives from my insurance company have told me that this is directly because of ACA. Why? Well I guess they have to charge me more for a higher premium policy cause they they now have to treat everyone with pre-existing conditions, and keep kids on plans until they are 26, and a bunch of other ACA mandated changes. So Obama told me I could keep my plan. I can't. Then he said well if you can't keep your plan its cause your plan sucked. Well I liked my sucky plan Shirley!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it!!!!!!! I was an Obama supported. Key word is WAS. Wake up man. I did. It was painful. But I had to admit I was wrong on ACA and Obama lied to me.

  8. Democrat Anon2 here. @Dixie Dove. You are not delusional.